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Heroin-filled vaginas lead to arrests at Taichung airport

By Ashley Yen , Special to The China Post
October 26, 2013, 12:04 am TWN
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Two women, surnamed Liu and Lo, who concealed heroin in balled-up condoms and then smuggled it in their vaginas, were arrested yesterday when they arrived at the Taichung airport. This is the first time this method of drug smuggling has been encountered in Taiwan, according to the Taipei District Prosecutors Office (TDPO).

The TDPO received information yesterday that Liu and Lo were being entrusted with heroin in Myanmar, and were ready to travel to Taiwan via Hong Kong. Investigators caught the two women red-handed at the Taichung airport and found the heroin in the women's vaginas. The heroin was not found in the women's anuses, as is usual in cases of drug smuggling, after investigators ordered the women to squat down. One of the smugglers was taken to a hospital under police escort after some heroin was left in her body after the containers were removed.

The women divided the heroin into 10 units and wrapped them in condoms, which were then strung together like tampons. Each woman carried five units each.

Originally, the two women had booked tickets on an evening flight from Hong Kong to Taichung, but apparently changed their minds, arriving at the airport in the early morning. They then waited for vacancies on an earlier flight. Investigators said this wait was in vain, and the two women arrived on the flight they had originally booked.

Police found 168g and 181g of heroin on Lo and Liu, respectively. The pair are now being interrogated at the Xinyi Precinct, Taipei City Police Department. Both smugglers will be transferred to the TDPO for further interrogation. The incident is now being investigated under the Anti-Narcotics Act, according to TDPO.

Drug smugglers in Taiwan usually use approaches like swallowing and stuffing drugs into their anuses. A case such as this has never been heard of before in Taiwan, according to the TDPO.
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